About us

We are a wholesaler, contractors and Homeowners-Friendly supplier for Home, Kitchen and Bath products such as Bathtub, Vanities, Faucets, Shower Panel, cabinets, Toilet seats, Lighting, Backsplash and Tile, operated by rstm Import & Export Inc. and powered by rstmexpress.com shopping experience. As an importer of Flooring & kitchen cabinets, distributor and authorized dealer for Bath Linens, Comforters & Sets, Bathtub, Faucets,Tile and Mosaic suppliers from Canada and the USA, we are your one stop shop for all of your kitchen and Bath renovations as well. As part of our commitment to excellence we work with top brand name suppliers and we search the world every day for quality products and best price deals

Our Professional and Experienced Team just a one call away from supporting your project needs.


      There are many ways you may join our growing team. You may join our team as an independent contractor, if you don't have the knowledge you will get trained by expert people to become part of our successful team. You may join us as an investor, you invest on one of our recommended items and our team will do the heavy work for marketing and selling your products. You may join us as both, an independent contractor who use our purchase power and resources and at the same time join our investors group as an investor. Any application is subject to our approval. For more details please contact us.



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