Access Tubs Wheelchair Accessible Slide-in Tub with Air Bubble Massage

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Drain Side


  • Faucet Included With Handshower

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Air Bubble Massage Therapy System

Each powerful air bubble jet injects the water with a concentrated steam of therapeutic bubbles gently messaging key muscle groups. A deep, hot bubbling soak will do wonders with relieving stressed and aching limbs as well as soothing the mind.

Wide Opening, Water Tight Door

The principle feature to any walk-in bathtub is the wide opening perfectly balanced door. Every door is lined with an advanced conduit water seal preventing any and all leaks once the door is firmly shut. Before and after every bath a quick pull of the door’s lever is all that is required to get in or out.

Auto Drain - Drains the water in less than one minute!

Access walk-in tubs feature the exclusive Auto Drain, power assisted drainage system. Will drain a full bathtub of its water in just under a minute reducing the wait time to merely a fraction of any gravity only drainage system.


Allow yourself to be enveloped by the calming aroma of your favorite scented beads. Aromatherapy infuses both water and air with a comforting blanket of rich and vibrant aromas.

Solid Brass, 4 Piece Roman Faucet

Included with the walk-in bathtub is this gorgeous 4 piece roman faucet. The roman set exemplifies elegance with a strong sweeping 8 inch high and 7 inch long fast filling spout. The spout is flanked on either side by twin hot and cold valves allowing for independent temperature control. Completing the set is the easy grip large volume hand sprayer at the end of a generously sized extendable hose. The hefty solid brass interior is enveloped within polished chrome plating.

Cable Operated Waste and Overflow

Finished in striking polished chrome the eye catching overflow cap is as beautiful a center piece to any Access walk-in bathtub as it is immeasurably practical and convenient. In addition to ensuring the bathtub does not completely fill up with water the overflow cap can be effortlessly turned to remotely open and close the bathtubs drain. Place at waist level when standing and within arm’s reach while sitting the cable operated overflow eliminate the need to bend down.

Hoyer Lift Access Panel

Removable Hoyer Lift access panel to accommodate a wheelchair assistance device. 

The magnetically held access panel is easily removable when needed.

Easy Access Panels and Stainless Steel Precision Frame

Easy Access Panels provide quick access to the bathtubs internal components and framework for maintenance. The panels are magnetically powered and effortlessly snap into place. High grade stainless steel is used to craft the perfect load bearing support frame. 8 laser precision support points are spread out to offer superior durability.

High Quality Craftsmanship

Every Access walk-in bathtub is constructed using marine grade fiberglass and triple gel coat resulting in a solid, smooth and striking gloss finish. Every tub is held up by a stainless steel frame providing laser precise support at key areas. The frame itself includes 6 adjustable feet ensuring the proper leveling required for installation.

ADA Compliance

Access Tubs’ walk-in bathtubs follow the standards and guidelines put forth by the American with Disabilities Act ensuring Americans with limited mobility are offered the features and design needed to keep them safe and secure while enjoying a soothing bath.


  • Available in white only
  • 16 massaging air jets
  • Aromatherapy fragrance release system included
  • 1-HP electric air pump motor
  • Faucet included w/ hand shower
  • Double latch door system (bottom latch & side latch)
  • Tub leveling system consisting of 6 adjustable leveling feet
  • Built in safety grab bar
  • Slip resistant floor and slip resistant seat
  • Triple gel coat/strengthened with a fiberglass backing

Auto Drain:

  • Efficiently drains tub in under 60 seconds
  • 1 dedicated 20 Amp GFCI protected electrical circuit required for bathtub installation
  • Auto Drain Factory Installed


  • 30"W x 60"L x 42"H
  • 34" door width
  • Water capacity 80 gallons
  • Enclosed on three sides
  • Left door or right door available
  • 21" built-in contoured chair-height seat for easy up and down
  • Assembled in the USA
  • ADA compliant seat
  • All components are IAPMO, UL, CSA, and Mass. approved


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