CANHEAL 808 Dust Mask Respirator + 4 Replacement Filter Multi Purpose (Medium - Large, Clear/Blue)

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  • • 4 filters included in all models
  • • Light weight only 60 gram ( 2.0 ounce )
  • • Good vision during work
  • • Built-in exhalation valve
  • • Washable and reusable

Size :Medium - Large  |  Color Name:Clear/Blue

Note1: There are 2 sizes (Small - Medium and Medium - Large) please make sure you purchase the correct size. Respirators are for your protection, we provide the protection you deserve. CANHEAL 808 new dust mask respirator gives workers the comfort and protection at a much better value than ordinary masks. If you are tired of having particles come inside your particulate respirator, then this mask is the solution for you. CANHEAL 808 soft face piece fits to your face nicely and stop the particles, dust, smog comes inside your mask. You can wash and reuse the mask many times and just change the filter when it is due for replacement. Note2: This Respirator can NOT be used in places with high level of toxic, chemical, smoke, gases and vapors. CANHEAL 808 is for dirty environment with particles and odors, in a simple way the mask performs like a particulate respirator with the advantage of better fit to the face, result in stopping particle intrusion. * Intended use: Construction, Quarrying, Foundries, Agriculture, Woodworking, Refractory materials, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care (Cold /Allergy/ Polluted Air), Powdered Chemicals, Sanding



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