Kingston Brass Fpr1br 8-inch Centerset Wall Mount Commercial Pre-rinse Kitchen Faucet, Polished Chrome - Polished Chrome

Kingston brass' pre-rinse faucets consists of several different parts: (1) the spring, (2) the spring retainer, (3) riser tube from 18"-32", (4) riser hook, (5) wall bracket (6) hot and cold levers, (7) flexible hoses from 44"-72" and (8) spray valve assembly. All of the parts are sold separately but also in a complete set. All products are constructed in solid brass and are made in polished chrome for durability and reliance.
constructed in high quality brass for durability and reliability
  • polished chrome finish for that silvery reflective shine
  • meets industry standards
  • assembled units are easy to install
  • features an 8" valve center
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