Luxury Hotel & Spa Guest Washcloths Wedding Engagement Anniversary Gift

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This ultimate, luxurious washcloths set of 2, each of these ridiculously soft washcloth is personalised with embroidered names or initials. Monograms & names can be done with whichever colours tickle your fancy. The possibilities are near limitless!
Just pick thread colours and your favourite fonts and type names or initials.
- Luxurious personalized towels wonderful wedding or anniversary gift.
- Personalized Happy Couple Washcloths - Set of 2 - Wedding and Engagement Gift
- Mrs. & Mr., Mom & Dad, Queen & King, Hers & His, Bride & Groom Washcloths, Wedding Gift, Bridal Shower Gift, Anniversary Gift, Embroidered Towels, Customized Towels
- Machine washable. Wash Before Using
- Made of 100% Turkish cotton, Made in Turkey
Size Chart
Washcloths : 13"" L x 13"" W inches
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