Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton Pool Beach Towels - Salmon - Cabana - Set of 2

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Bare Cotton's Cabana Striped Pool Beach Towel is additional permeable and down to earth for speedy drying or open to relaxing. The towel is exceptionally absorbent and will stay soft after numerous wash and dry cycles. The towel can be used on a beach or a poolside and it is a spa quality towel. Your beach and sunbathing experience will be finalized with incredible relaxation and style by Bare Cotton's 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton - Extra Large Cabana Striped Pool Beach Towel Set. The beach towel is to a great degree classy with a striped look very permeable and lint free. Even after excessive washes its outstanding pattern will keep the towel in unique delicate and at comfy condition. The towel is intended to wipe off dampness sand and filth off your body with negligible exertion.

- 100% Turkish Cotton
- Long lasting durable and permanently soft
- Perfect thickness comfort and super absorbency
- Great length great feel and high-quality
- Ideal for beach poolside bathroom or gym
- Cabana Collection with distinctive striped pattern
- Quite practicable and durable with quick drying ability
- Machine washable. Wash Before Using
- Made in Turkey

Size Chart
- Pool Beach Towel: 35x60 inches


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